Welcome to The Marigold Blog

You are officially our new favorite person for taking the time to stop by our blog (and no, we don’t say that to everyone...just you!) Let us start this new friendship off by introducing ourselves. The Marigold Blog is brought to you by two best friends turned flower enthusiasts. We are wedding florists by day and wives, cooks, tea lovers, and pampering experts by night. We are two people sharing one mind with a 1,000 things to say, so buckle up!

Our hope for The Marigold Blog is that it becomes your go-to place to learn about the world of flowers --- from weddings, to dinner parties to seasonal blooms that will freshen up your home.

Find us right here every Thursday talking about DIY arrangements, choosing the best flowers for your wedding, decorating for your next gathering and so much more! Before you know it, you’ll be as flower obsessed as we are.

Check back tomorrow to find out what our Top 6 Favorite Flowers are! Bet you’ll never guess what inexpensive flower made it on Catherine’s list. Talk to you soon, friend!