Our (current) Top 6 Favorite Flowers

To be fair, we love all (most) flowers and had a really hard time choosing our top ones. But, just like a parent, we all pretend we love our children equally, but in reality go through seasons where one is just a little more enjoyable to be around than the other (I like to believe I’m currently my mother’s favorite...even if it isn’t true)



Bloom | Hellebore
Why I love them | They have such a nice movement to them and come in the most amazing colors!


Bloom | Spray Garden Rose
Why I love them | They are like a spray rose -- but so much better! They are packed with petals and have a pretty, ruffly look to them.

spray garden rose.JPG

Bloom | Amarylis
Why I love them | They are big and I love using them as a focal flower in centerpieces and bouquets.



Bloom | Earl Grey Rose
Why I love them | A new favorite, Earl Grey Roses are the perfect neutral color. They are classic and modern! I love the look of a big cluster of Earl Grey Roses casually arranged in a tall glass vase.

earl gray roses.JPG

Bloom | Variegated Carnation
Why I love them | All carnations are not created equal! You will never find more unique color combinations in a flower. Best part? They give a premium look without the high price tag.


Bloom | Antique Hydrangea
Why I love them | Hydrangeas in general are great because they fill out an arrangement in no time, but Antique Hydrangeas reign superior thanks to their gorgeous sage and rich cranberry hue (plus, these flowers are super long lasting and look awesome dried!)

antique hydrangea.JPG

Agree or disagree with our favorites?
Comment below with your top blooms! We’d love to hear what you're obsessing over lately!