How To: Choose the Best Centerpiece for Your Venue

So, you just booked your dream venue. It has everything you’ve been looking for: crisp white floors, tall vaulted ceilings, and a grand staircase that’s going to make your entrance spectacular! Then suddenly, you remember that you’ve pinned about 1,000 mason jar centerpieces and are freaked that your tables are going to look empty in this expansive space. So what do you do? Do you go with the design you’ve always loved, or do you adapt to your space and choose something that is as grand as that staircase? In today’s post, we're breaking down our rules for choosing the best centerpiece for your tables and space. Of course, rules can always be broken, so you do you, girl! 

Table Size + Shape:

60 inch round tables will comfortably seat 8-10 guests. Round tables can handle tall or short centerpieces with containers varying from 4”-6” in diameter. If going with a more petite centerpiece (such as one designed in a container with a 4 inch diameter), we suggest adding votive candles or additional decor to help fill the table. You can also opt for a more freeform design rather than a tight compact look, this will help the arrangement to appear larger, despite the size of the container. 

72 inch round tables seat 10-12 guests comfortably. Like the 60 inch rounds, tall and short centerpieces are appropriate for this size table, however, we don’t recommend super petite arrangements. It’s best to keep the diameter of your container to at least 5.5-6inches to ensure a full arrangement. Candles and/or additional decor are also a great way to fill these large tables. 

Side note for round tables: Stay clear of horizontal containers (like a rectangle box), as this will not compliment your round table. Round or square containers are best! 

Farmhouse/Buffet Tables vary in size, but generally seat 6-10 guests, depending on orientation. If you are using a head table for your wedding party, we recommend sticking with short centerpieces (your guests want to stare at you, after all!) But, feel free to use tall or short centerpieces for your guest tables. Any shape container works, but be sure not to choose anything too large if your tables are narrow. Think multiple small bud vases, mason jars or horizontal boxes, just be sure to have enough containers to fill your table. One of our favorite options for super narrow farmhouse tables are garlands. They can be made as narrow as needed and fill the table beautifully! 

Ceiling Height + Room Size:

Now that we have the rules for the tables, let’s discuss the room your reception is going to be held in. For lower ceilings, we recommend sticking with short centerpieces. If your room is large, but has lower ceilings, try incorporating arrangements that are still very full, this will help to fill your space. Drapery, lighting and additional decor will also help your large space feel full. If your room is on the smaller side, keep things simple. Don’t overdecorate your space and keep your centerpieces elegant and subdued. Remember, you’re looking at an empty space, just wait until it’s filled with 150+ bodies! 

Tall ceilings are great, but if they are accompanied by a large room, the space can feel overwhelming to decorate. While tall centerpieces aren’t the only option for tall ceilings, they do help to fill the empty space between the table and the ceiling. You can also consider doing half tall and half short. Not only does this cut down on your floral cost, but it also adds dimension to your space. Above all, keep your pieces full and consider adding candles, plants, or cozy seating throughout the room to make it feel more intimate. 

Outdoor receptions where sky's the limit…literally.

We believe there is only one rule that cannot be broken for outdoor spaces — RESPECT THE WIND. If you are opting for tall centerpieces, be sure those babies are weighted down. The last thing you want it for a centerpiece to tip over during a gust of wind. Also, be sure to let your florist know that you are having an outdoor reception (this should be a question they ask, anyways.) Certain designs can turn your flowers into sails and are almost impossible to stop from tipping over. 

We hope these few tips help you narrow down what centerpieces are going to look best in your space, but overall, we hope that you love your arrangements more than you ever imagined you would! Happy wedding planning, friend!